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AOP and Opera on Tap return to Galapagos Art Space for the seventh installment in this ongoing series that brings the best of contemporary opera to one of Brooklyn's most innovative art venues.



La BoneMe
American Opera Projects rips the bodice off the evening with La BoneMe, seven silly sexy songs from AOP composers.

“Annus Mirabilis” by Daniel Felsenfeld
“The Other Laughing Song” by Becca Anderson and Paul Castles
Five Excerpts from "Positions 1956"
Music by Conrad Cummings (The Golden Gate)
Libretto by Michael Korie (Grey Gardens) adapted from marriage manuals of the 1950s
1. The Non-Virgin Bride
2. Foreplay
3. The Bride Must Remember
4. Anal Intercourse
5. Sideways

Starring soprano Katrina Thurman (Romulus, The Golden Gate) and New York City Opera baritone and
AOP favorite Michael Zegarski.

The Filthy Habit
Opera on Tap is pleased to present the one-act opera The Filthy Habit, libretto by Matt Boresi, music by Peter Hilliard in its entirety. A comic intermezzo in the spirit of Pergolesi's La Serva Padrona, Hilliard and Boresi's The Filthy Habit updates the story of Wolf-Ferarri's Il Segreto di Susanna for modern times. Set in Manhattan in the summer of 2003, Habit tells the story of a newlywed couple's struggle with Mayor Bloomberg's new smoking ban. The Filthy Habit was first created as a companion to Trouble in Tahiti (1951) by Leonard Bernstein.

Music Direction by Christopher Berg. Stage Direction by David Gordon. Featuring performances by Krista Wozniak, David Schmidt, Delea Shand, Evan McCormack, and Nathan Wentworth.

The Adventures of Albert Fish
Composer Matt Marks presents selections from The Adventures of Albert Fish, a series of "brilliantly simultaneously creepy and funny” ( power ballads about the infamous serial killer. Active around New York City in the 1920-30s, Albert Fish was a horrifically prolific murderer, mainly of children, whose eventual capture was spurred by another one of his passions: he was a compulsive writer of letters. The texts of these songs are taken from Fish’s own writings and exhibit his cunning, manipulative, sadistic, unstable, inconsistent, and charismatic personality. Performed by baritone Jeffrey Gavett. Directed by Rafael Gallegos.

December 5, 2010 - OPERA GROWS IN BROOKLYN

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